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The Leschi brand was the brainchild of a group of friends whose acquaintance goes back to their childhood days. From the start, the company was a melting pot for the ideas and dreams of the company's founders. Their vision embraced everything from breakdance shows through home accessories to graphic design.

This broad range of interests has now come to focus on product design; it is exciting to see that the meeting of various styles has found expression in product lines, each with their own design concept and each with a story to tell. Inspiration, as always, is rooted in the Berlin-Kreuzberg district.

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Féline the cat

Dreamily, the Leschi animal searches for a friend with whom it might see the world. It is the perfect travelling companion whether in the car,...

Luca The Fox

A master of deep relaxation, Luca the fox knows exactly how to unwind. If you need a short break, just warm him up, place him on your tummy and do...
Noah The Fox bouillotte
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Noah The Fox bouillotte

A warming pillow for the neck. Noah the fox will curl up softly and cosily around your neck, share with you the warmth he’s stored up, and stay...

Peter the fox

Peter the fox always keeps his calm. Not the clattering of a train, the rustling of the pages in a neither book, nor banter on the television will...