Monde Riant

Monde Riant

Sticky note block in the style of Mondrian; his artwork, re-imagined in 3-dimensional blocks. Sit them on your desk and be inspired by his art, whilst you choose from the different sized notes to suit your message.

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It was during their visits to museums that Catherine and Assia wanted to make objects around works of art. A desire to share their favourite works, to make them their own, to dream... From that moment on, Monde Riant appeared to be an obvious choice when faced with the work of Piet Mondrian. An object so well adapted that you could almost see a mini canvas of the master!
Monder Riant is an object that is made by hand. Each block is glued one by one. We try to control them all, but sometimes there are small defects. Art is still human!

A universal gift
Laughing World is an object that will appeal to anyone who works at a desk and needs to take notes.
It is a gift that in a roundabout way will open the recipient to the world of art.

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Pallier B2B
Fabrication country
16.8 x 7 x 3 cm
300 gr
Papier et Carton
PA Design

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