Coussin Paco the fox

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Paco the fox doesn’t need much attention and adapts surprisingly easily to new habitats. These include particularly soft surfaces, such as beds or sofas. Once the fox has got used to a place, he curls himself up comfortably and sleeps for several days.

  • Pologne
  • L 40 x 40 x 17 cm S 30 x 30 x 12 cm
  • L 500gr S 280gr
  • Textile
  • Leschi
  • Distributeur Agréé
  • CE
  • PA396

More info

If you encounter Paco the fox when he’s rolled up, it means he’s just taking a long snooze. During this time, the fox is particularly tame, and you can rest your head comfortably on him. It's also a perfect opportunity for you to treat yourself to a relaxing nap.



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