It is easy to lose track of your remote control at home, but with this, you can create a permanent home for it. In our quest to create easy-to-use products,we arrived at this subtly charming zig-zag form. With its soft material, it will not damage the surface it is placed on, nor the items placed inside.

  • japon
  • 7 x 18 x 9 cm
  • 120 gr
  • Elastomére
  • +d
  • Distributeur Agréé
  • PA100

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Great for storing various accessories, including glasses, stationery, business cards, cosmetics, and more.

Designer’s comment : We examined remotes of various dimensions and considered how each of them felt during use. We were highly particular about creating a product with a functional yet compact size, and a beautiful inclined angle that allows for simple and easy storage. For those of you who ask “Where is the remote?”..."Remococo" is for you


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