The Warp

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The Warp is more than a simple opener, and can be used in a multitude of settings: at home, away , or even at a picnic. It's designed to be comfortable to hold and can be clipped on to a pocket when not in use. The Warp's versatility is a joy.

  • japon
  • 11 × 2 × 0,8 cm
  • 70 gr
  • Laiton
  • +d
  • Distributeur Agréé
  • PA124

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The first opener of its kind. The Warp makes opening bottles, releasing tight jar lids, and pulling tabs on cans much easier. The wave design makes it look more like a cool accessory rather than just a bottle opener, and fits all hands, big and small. Made using a sand-casting process, each Warp is unique. It could make a nice gift for someone special.