Cao Maru fruit - Anti-stress

Creator : Makiko Yoshida

Down on your luck? Feeling the walls close in? Cast your worries aside. The CAOMARU series has been helping people all over the world trade stress for sweet relief with an indescribably soothing signature sensation-just grab one,
you will not let go. Now comes in three fruity variants!

  • japon
  • 6x 6,3 × 6/7 cm
  • 100 gr
  • Elastomére
  • +d
  • Distributeur Agréé
  • CE
  • PA197
  • 0

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Strawberry, the bratty smart alec. Orange, the curious adventurer. Grape, the unflappable free spirit.They always nourish your mind and make your everyday happy.

Are you laughing every day? Are you crying? Are you pleasant? Are you busy? Are you doing your best? Are you expressing your feelingcorrectly? Are you telling the meaning certainly? Are you communicating with your important person? Inspired by the fruits I see everyday at my husband's family's grocery store.All right, let’s try catch in the heart.

Designed by Makiko Yoshida


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